Handling Water Damage in Your Home – Series One

Whether water damage results from broken pipes, fire hoses, backed up drains or floods, it creates a mess and a health risk that must be dealt with very quickly. The first thing to do when you experience water damage in your house is to contact your insurance company and inquire whether the damage is covered. Document the damage using photos, video or notes.

You can individually do water damage restoration or alternatively, you can hire specialists. If the damage is widespread, if there is a possible structural damage, if molds are there or if the water contains dangerous contaminants like chemicals and sewage or smoke, you might have to bring in specialists to do the water damage restoration for you. With these specialists, the whole mess can be cleaned up within 24 hours because they use specialized equipment and products in decontaminating the site.

If you decide to do the water damage restoration yourself, you will first have to remove all the damaged items, including the the carpets. If there is stagnant water, you can use a submersible water pump connected to a hose to lower down the water level. You then shovel out silt or mud and use a hose to clean hard surfaces. After this, you may use a mop to remove the remaining water. You will then require a dehumidifier and high velocity fans to run day and night for several days in order to prevent molds from growing.

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